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Yoga Tips

When doing standing or seated twists:

Position yourself carefully

Line your nose up with your breastbone

With an inhallation, extend your spine.

Keeping your nose aligned with your breastbone, exhale and twist from the belly to the right

Keep breathing and twisting to the right

until your body says it is enough

Slowly unwind

Repeat on the other side



When doing any pose,

The only question to ask yourself is:

"If I stood in Tadasana, Mountain pose

What would my torso look like?

All sides even, left, right, front and back."


In yoga, the belly stays soft, but firm.

By firm, I mean that you do not "suck" in, but "draw" in the belly. "Sucking" in

causes one to move from the outside to the inside and "drawing" in means finding the innermost part and gathering

the rest toward that area, much like one gathers a piece of material into a pleat.