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“I hear your voice in my head every time I pass a window and catch my reflection.
It reminds me to correct my posture.”
This is a common litany recited by people who Certified Iyengar Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist, Dena Glazer, has taught over the past 37 years.
Born in 1934, Dena came to Yoga at the age of forty seven with poor posture, a weak back and the early signs of fading vitality. She started with one class and very quickly, her practice of Yoga escalated to three or more classes each week. Her back pain lessened as her posture improved and her flexibility increased as she learned to control her problems when they did arise with Yoga postures.
As a result, Dena recognized her calling and traveled to San Francisco where she began training as a Yoga teacher, studying at the Iyengar Yoga Institute there. She has since studied with the greatest living Yoga master, B.K.S. Iyengar, Geeta, his daughter,and his senior teachers, in an array of workshops that have focused on improving back health, relieving scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more. She has also studied in India with the Iyengars and continues her studies with various senior Iyengar teachers.
A former housewife and Miami realtor, Dena began her career as a Yoga teacher in 1984 and was Certified in 1991. After she turned 60, Dena began to concentrate her teaching on the over forty-plus population and those recovering from and/or coping with injuries or degenerative conditions. She developed "Gentle Yoga for Stiff Bodies" classes which has turned out to benefit people of all ages.
Younger students often find their flexibility makes it easy to do Yoga poses wrong. Middle-aged and senior students find her methods make Yoga accessible, even if they have not touched their toes in years. Athletes (golfers, tennis players) find their games improving dramatically. Her work with both the infirm and those committed to remaining healthy, has left Dena with a legion of fans!

At age 84, Dena continues to be her own best advertisement. A living example of how “Gentle Yoga for Stiff Bodies” can help change aging from something we dread to a precious and fulfilling time of our lives that we embrace with vigor.
"I met Dena about 12 years ago when we were both teaching a class at a yoga center for people with "special needs" such as MS and Parkinson's. I often observed her teaching and was always impressed with her skill level and ability to relate to the students in a warm and caring way. She often shared with the class personal insights and stories that provided wonderful learning experiences and her charming sense of humor made her classes fun. Dena is an exceptionally talented yoga teacher and one of the most interesting people I've had the pleasure to know."
—Cheryl K
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
"My 15 years with Dena has included one very serious accident and several smaller incidences requiring rehab to walk again. Dena has worked with me for as long as necessary until each time, I relearned how to walk properly again. I have spent months and shorter rehabilitative periods with her and feel that she is an extraordinary human being. Her knowledge of anatomy is very very impressive. She is a kind, caring and loving and a special person Dena has spoken to my emotions directly from her years of yoga and just plain life experiences. I appreciate her and put her in the top 8 people whose influence on me is nothing short of beautiful.

Dena is in her 80ís now and a beautiful bright-eyed attractive and energetic woman and is a model to her younger students. Students are shocked when she proudly announces her age to the class. Seeing her is enough to make you dedicate the rest of your life in an effort to achieve the grace and strength of her."
—Nancy F
"I look to you as a mentor and no longer fear growing old, as I see through your lifeís example that the practice of yoga can continue to maintain and sustain my body. I truly believe that the path to a balanced lifestyle is to continue with your yoga instruction."
—Christine M (a 51 year old female)
"Dena was my yoga teacher for over five years. Thanks to her I am not in a wheelchair in spite of the fact that I have a lot of back problems and neuropathy."
—Rachel, (MS class)
"Dena has improved my ability to move my arms, and has also improved my balance so I could walk better. I have learned different techniques to improve my overall health."
—Morris (Parkinson class)
A Few Thoughts on Yoga

"As I flow through the postures
with a new-born grace
that I never knew I possessed
flowering from within
with changing awareness
of muscle and bone
and feelings long hidden

I understand for the first time
the story of the Ugly Duckling
as I grow my swan’s wings
and learn to fly"

—Marion R.
"Yoga can't stop the clock, but it has enabled me to overcome many of the inconveniences of aging. Instead, I'm able to enjoy the benefits of maturing. Yoga has taught me to stand up straight and as a result, I feel better, my attitude has improved, and it has given more meaning to my life. I have continued the aging process, especially after having a lumpectomy at age 80. My spine has continued to stiffen and I need to take rests from time to time, However, I am blessed to have a clear mind and am really enjoying planning a book from all my writings over the years."
—Dena Glazer