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by: Dena Glazer

Although I am not a senior Iyengar teacher, I am a senior (84) in age with 37 uninterrupted years of study, practice and teaching. I was certified in 1990 as an Introductory Iyengar teacher. As such, I have come to think on my own how to share what I have learned through teaching and living a full, productive life.

To my surprise as I matured, when I studied with Iyengar senior teachers, I found that they were teaching points I had come to on my own. How did that happen? I remember as a novice in a class with Manouso Manos at the Iyengar Center in San Francisco, where, what then was the only place in the US one could get teacher training, saying that he was there to teach us to think on our own and figure out what is needed. He did not expect us to rely on him forever. And so began my life as a teacher.

In recent years, I started back taking local classes. Having moved, I was also looking to be working staff at one of the nearby Iyengar studios. I re-connected with a studio I had worked at 10+ years before. I was welcomed with open hearts and made to feel honored for my age and my knowledge. It has been a win-win experience. We are all gaining from revering this elder. I am encouraged to share what I have learned (although recently have begun to keep quiet more often). I gain a sense of being honored as I, too, learn so much from them.

The respect I am experiencing there has shown me how our country is lacking in respect for elders. It is even reflected in some yoga studios. Everything is geared to the under 50 population. ‘Do more, keep moving, push, rush to get to the next certified level, etc..

Not yoga-like.

In Mr Iyengar’s words, “—Maturity gives wisdom—“ Invite some of your senior students to share how Iyengar yoga has influenced their life. You may just learn something!