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by: Dena Glazer

I was talking about resolutions this morning with my yoga class and how NPR had someone on their talk show yesterday who said he stopped making New Year’s resolutions in (2007) and began to accept what happens now and loves it.

That led me to reflect on what I want to do with the rest of my immediate life. I want and need people around me who THINK and are flexible enough to change what is happening to them that they do not like. I like having strong, intelligent people around me to have fun with.

I am writing this down so I can act on it without forgetting. I am inviting women only this first time. I do not want to exclude men, but I believe we will listen to ourselves better without the opposite sex.

I am asking each of you to come to an afternoon/evening with me here. I want the theme to be: think about your experiences this past week and pick something that brought you a positive revelation. A short, as opposed to long, narrative you can share with each other.

No Politics, no ailment issues, no poor me, no family stuff, no end of the world talk. Just practical, or not actual things you want to happen; how we can encourage ourselves to enjoy as much as we can in the time allotted us. And by doing so, maybe we can help others to do the same.