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After Physical Therapy, Then What?
Yoga Is a Good Place to Go

by: Dena Glazer

In my many years of studying, teaching yoga, and being a massage therapist, I have met numerous people who, after completing physical therapy, don’t know where to go next to maintain and augment the healing just received. When people leave physical therapy they often are not ready to jump back into strenuous activity. They need a transitional time to get used to and remember the postural habits just learned. By the practice of slow, thoughtful yoga postures, this can nearly always be accomplished. 

Here is where the therapeutically trained yoga teacher can be of enormous help. The traditional poses, when geared to the needs and limitations of each student, will tone, strengthen, stretch and realign the body where needed. My goal as a certified Iyengar yoga teacher is to educate my students to relate to their bodies and to assist them in forming and maintaining good postural habits through yoga. The practice of yoga, done correctly, allows people to exercise without the risk of new injury.  

Find a teacher you have confidence in and schedule a series of private sessions for optimum results. Passive poses are extremely helpful in this transitional time. You can work up gradually to a more active practice without fear of re-injury.

Another extremely important element of yoga is the use of the breath. Yoga teaches us to breathe evenly and constantly; using our breath to “tune in” to our bodies.