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Golfers, Want a Hole In One? Try Yoga

by: Dena Glazer

I’ve been teaching yoga since 1984 and in that time, I have taught several golfers. One actually got a hole in one after about 3 months of yoga practice. Following is a compilation list of benefits these students reported.
  • Feet more firmly planted when swinging at the ball
  • Fewer back and shoulder problems because of proper warm-up exercises
  • Better ability to assume correct golf posture
  • Better balance
  • Further turn in waist which gives more power in hitting ball
  • Wider arc in swing from shoulder extension
  • Less tension throughout body
  • More flexible shoulders and arms
  • More powerful shoulders and arms
  • More ability to get inside of yourself and concentrate on your game
  • The balance poses correlate to a properly balanced golf stance and facilitate a balanced follow-through.
  • Posture in golf is very important. The poses that elongate the spine make a long, flowing swing possible.
  • Hip and shoulder turns are critical to a successful golf swing. Poses have many wonderful benefits to improve flexibility and make "coiling" possible.
  • Golf is a game of grace and fluid motion. Yoga is the same. Long, languid movements are essential to both.

This is an impressive list. I know of no other exercises that will give you all these benefits, and not just for golf. Any activity you do will benefit from the right attitude and a well-toned body.